Check the delivery address if its wrong contact the seller immediately ,always keep updateing fetchbig.com details ,since address and telephone numbers are important and the only means of contact between buyer and seller.
Since the negotation happens between Buyer and seller as to how the goods will be delivered and the payments for goods done.In case of dispute you can call fetchbig and fetchbig will help you by trying to reach the customer and trying to follow up up untill 30 days continiously on a daily basis and will not take libality for nondelivery of goods or payments between buyer and seller.
Provideing feedback is very important fetchbig.com will act on it immediately in a responsible manner..

We take feedback in any form either through the website or through email or telephone .
We expect you to immeditly inform us through email or through telephone so that we can block the account.

Remember: Fetchbig will never ask for Credit card or debit card details as it uses a third party reputed Strip Payment gateway.

Moreover if you think that something is not right its important that you communicate and we can investigate and if proven we can lock the account or cancel the membership with immediate effect.